Gio Lobato

Hi, my name is Gio... I am a commercial music and sound producer currently working as a Senior Producer/many-hat-wearer at duotone audio group.

I grew up in Denver, CO, where I made my first beat at the age of 13. Starting with a microphone from the segunda, an eMachine desktop, and a bad case of insomnia, I taught myself the basics of music production and mixing. In 2009 I was accepted into the prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University.

At NYU I discovered a talent and passion for audio post-production, which led to a internship, then job at duotone audio group. Since then I’ve worked with countless artists and brands to create some pretty awesome (and award winning) pieces of music and sound for advertising, film, and TV. I've recorded the cast of the Lion King on Broadway, been credited on an Oscar nominated film, and found the best way to record a horsehair fiddle (stringed instruments need space!). I love doing what I do, and I hope it shows.

I currently live and work in New York City, where I enjoy reading speculative fiction, shooting film cameras, collecting weird instruments, and making Latino-Futurist podcasts… on the rare occasion I have free time.